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Sensixs Design b.v. was founded in 2012. The company's name is inspired by the fact that we specialize in sensor specific ICs rather than ASICs. Sensixs has a vast amount of experience in multi physics design and very specialized signal conditioning and high resolution ADCs, many of which are used in custom designs and are available as IP.

Sensixs has acquired the commercial rights of the patented Q-Hall technology, which offers the world's most stable Hall technology, with a range of seven decades. This enables the use of Hall technology for compass applications or position sensors where there is a need for large airgaps between sensor and magnet. These product are exclusively sold by Sensixs and its distributors



One of our more popular ASIC packages is the SFN8, which can be soldered in 3 different orientations and can help to solve complicated magnetic measurement problems. Shown is the use as a 3D compass sensor.


Q-Hall opens magnetic sensing possibilities which designers are not always used to. We like to collaborate closely with our customers and if we cannot help you with our products, we have an extensive knowledge of other magnetic sensors and are happy to point you in the right direction.

 Q-Hall technology

The Q-Hall technology was patented in 2003. It uses four Hall plates in a Quad configuration. The currents in the Hall plate are rotated in a pre-determined way in order to compensate for offsets induced by (shear) stresses, temperature gradients and self-induced magnetic fields.


The offset compensation techniques lead to unprecedented accuracy for silicon Hall plates. The production spread in offset is about one microtesla, while the stability is even better. The Allan Deviation plot below shows that the stability of the signal of the XEN1210 in a zero Gauss chamber is in the order of a few nT.

This would not be possible without the support of instrumentation amplifiers with extremely low offset and noise and extremely high linearity


Hall IP

Sensixs Design b.v. is looking for collaboration and licencing of its technology. The Q-Hall Core had been successfully ported over more than 7 foundries and 3 full CMOS technologies. Do you want to incorporate the Q-Hall IP core, then let Sensixs do the porting for you..