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Sensixs Design B.V. has developed many successful magnetic products and continues to do so. Please check out our online shop to see more.


In recent years, the e-compass market has developed into a high volume market where price and not performance thrives. Most commercial e-compasses like Boalab, Freescale, Bosch and AKM, strongly rely on continuous self calibration algorithms, since their stability is not good enough without it. This requires systems which always move or some kind of movement calibration protocol by the user.
The Q-Hall technology has stability as its trademark, so if you are dealing with applications where calibration by movement is not that easy and longer term stability is required, Sensixs offers the solution to your problems.

Position sensors

Because of the very stable offset performance, which is superior to conventional Hall sensors or magneto-resistive sensors, our products are used in linear or angle position monitoring where large airgaps between sensor and magnet are present.